Change starts with you.


We need help to change the tides in Highlands Ranch and Douglas County. If you're interested in joining the campaign please fill out the form below. You can read about what we need from you, and why, on this page.


Ways you can help win House District 43


In the field.

We're trying to run a different campaign, that's the way we'll win! Instead of knocking on targeted doors, interrupting people's day with canned scripts, we're working on a dynamic field campaign but we need people like you to make it work. You'll never be alone in the cold and we hope the experience energizes your involvement instead of wearing you down.

...but you may want to bring water and a coat.

At home base.

None of this campaign will matter if we don't outreach constituents and get out the vote. From the comfort of your home or with an organized group we can set you up to launch a full-scale strike on the political status quo in Highlands Ranch. Phone calls that encourage people to take their grief to the polls instead of badgering them to do more, empowering voters instead of picking their pockets... come see how a modern campaign takes the fight to ballot. 

Cumfy chair and good company provided. 

Join the resistance.

There are no shortages of other political groups looking to make a difference in 2018. Work with us to find an advocacy group, campaign, ballot issue, or soap box that works for you and spend your time and energy in House District 43. We'll be shoulder-to-shoulder even if we're not wearing the same hat.

Markers and cardboard not included.