Barrett on the issues that matter to you.

Barrett wants to serve in the legislature to get results, and when you hear from him we're confident you'll discover he is thoughtful about policy. He does not talk in soundbites, Barrett is dedicated to proposing, refining, and passing legislation through hard work, expert opinion, and compromise. It’s the kind of leadership we need in Highlands Ranch.

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TABOR & Budget

Barrett understands that part of what makes Colorado great, and our economy strong, is that we have limits on runaway government spending, unlike other states. While protecting taxpayers from government overreach, we can take moderate steps toward investing in the state we all love without raising taxes.

Colorado's conflicting provisions in our constitution have created a budget environment where no one wins. Here are a few steps Barrett will take to change that:

  • For eliminating TABOR revenue caps to allow Colorado to invest in infrastructure, education, health care, and economy as our population grows without raising taxes

  • For eliminating local government TABOR compliance so that towns, cities, and counties can decide what is best for their constituents without expensive ballot measures and state interference

  • For reforming TABOR, Gallagher, and Amendment 23 to help invest in education, bring down college tuition costs, create jobs, and invest in our infrastructure needs

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Gun Safety

Barrett believes gun safety policy in Colorado is far from perfect, but he understands there are legitimate opposing opinions about how to make things better, that's why he has proposed a bipartisan gun safety commission in Colorado to address ongoing policy implementation and bring together experts from multiple perspectives.

Because it's a complex issue we encourage you to reach out to Barrett with specific questions and concerns to start a conversation. Here are several key points about Barrett's gun safety position to get started:

  • For creation of red flag laws/extreme risk protection orders (ERPO)

  • For raising rifle purchasing age to 21

  • For bump stock ban (bump stocks convert semi-auto weapons to automatic rates of fire)

  • For no fly-no buy: if you’re on the no-fly list or a terrorism suspect you can not purchase firearms

  • Support hunting recreation and their concerns about policy burdens, gun safety commission would including hunting industry representative

  • Supporting existing magazine limits that bar high-capacity magazines

  • Support existing background check program in Colorado (i.e. would not repeal)

  • Support household defense justification for small-arm ownership

  • Against arming teachers as a school safety solution

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Barrett believes strongly in supporting a vibrant public education program from early childhood to higher education. He believes public education is the “silver bullet” than can help us create jobs, fight crime and poverty, and ensure a better future for all Coloradans.

You can expect a lot of posts about better education policy in our news section but here are a few key pieces of Barrett's plans for better education:

  • Barrett has proposed debt-free community college and vocational training programs

  • Barrett is currently paying in to the unaffordable childcare market in Colorado, he is dedicated to making early childhood education more affordable for all families

  • Barrett is strongly in favor of free, full-day kindergarten for all Colorado children and wants to reform TABOR, Gallagher and Amendment 23 to help make it possible

  • Supportive of paying teachers a professional wage

  • Interested in tuition increase caps for 4-year colleges to help control tuition inflation, also believes we need TABOR reform to fight student debt crisis

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Elected officials don't always do a good job connecting the dots that infrastructure and transit help keep our economy strong and our quality-of-life sustainable, Barrett wants to make the case for better infrastructure that includes:

  • Supportive of rural Colorado infrastructure needs balanced with Front Range project spending

  • Support multi-modal transit investment including bike, carpool, bus, lightrail and high speed rail investments

  • Support high-speed internet/broadband program for all Coloradans, bringing better economic opportunities to all of Colorado

  • Support reforming gas tax (which has been static for decades) to account fo higher fuel efficiency, inflation, and population growth

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Economy & Small-Business Growth

As small-business owners, Barrett and his wife completely understand what it takes for small-business to thrive and drive our economy. Barrett has proposed a small-business tax cut and is committed to taking practical experience to the legislature to help create jobs and sustain our diverse economy in Colorado.

Barrett believes the Democratic Party has done a terrible job selling its job creation and business relationship platforms and is hoping to lead by example: showing that a balanced regulatory environment and progressive leadership is better for Colorado’s economy. When progressives talk about income equality, job creation, and social mobility, they must recognize that businesses, and small-business in particular, are the engines that can produce results for a better future.

Important to note is that small-businesses don't want “Cake & Bathroom Bills” from arch-conservatives that discriminate against the LGBTQ community and cause major employers to pull investments from state's that focus on social issues in their business regulation. Barrett is dedicated to keeping government focused on fostering a vibrant economy and will keep social extremism off the list of things businesses have to worry about.

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Health Care

The health care industry accounts for almost one-fifth of the American economy. Barrett is acutely aware that America is spending more and getting less than the rest of the world in our health care, and he believes Colorado can be a model for fixing that.

Because health care is a complicated and robust subject in policy, we have provided detailed information about Barrett's positions and future policy goals. If your question isn't answered below or if you just want to learn more, reach out to Barrett by clicking here.

Coverage & Costs

  • Barrett supports stabilizing the individual insurance market in Colorado by exploring a state-level individual mandate

  • Barrett does not support a Colorado single-payer initiative because state-level single payer programs reduce momentum and support for a national health coverage solution and are more expensive per capita than national programs

    • Barrett supports MedicareX and allowing people to buy into Medicare, as well as expanding Medicare coverage eligibility at the Federal-level

    • Barrett supports allowing Coloradans to buy into Medicaid

  • Strongly, unequivocally supports funding the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for children in low-income families

  • Strongly supports medical service cost transparency (i.e. requiring medical service providers to make service and fee costs publicly available, predictable, and competitive)

Mental Health

  • Barrett wants to help de-stigmatize mental health issues by inviting more mental health care providers to weigh-in on legislation and policy goals

  • Supportive of state spending for substance abuse, mental, and behavior health programs as a means to reduce long-term burdens of those suffering from mental health issues and to reduce violent crime rates

Opioid Epidemic

  • Hold pharmaceutical companies and physicians accountable for pushing opioid over-prescription

  • Explore medical cannabis treatment options for opioid addiction

  • Allow (and fund) more opioid overdose reversal drugs for first responders

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Affordable Housing

Barrett knows that reforming some of Colorado's contradictory provisions in our constitution like TABOR, Gallagher, and Amendment 23 is critical to solving our growing affordable housing and cost-of-living problem in Colorado. The affordable housing crisis along the Front Range will not be solved by conservative soundbites or wishful thinking, it will be solved by our elected officials rolling up their sleeves and doing the work necessary to help. 

Here are three additional points about Barrett's housing policies:

  • Supports PTC Rebate eligibility expansion, a tax cut that allows more seniors to deduct housing costs

  • Supports affordable housing programs at local levels and would like to reform TABOR to allow local government to create these programs without costly ballot measures

  • Dedicated to ending chronic homelessness, Barrett understands that government spends more by enabling homelessness than we would spend on housing and work-training for those in need

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Barrett believes immigration policy and enforcement is the responsibility of the Federal government, Colorado law enforcement officers should not be doing Washington D.C.'s work for them and at our expense. That means holding immigration detainees in Colorado jails, checking immigration status during routine police work, and creating obstacles to community policing in our immigrant communities should be off the table in Colorado. Let D.C. do their own jobs, we have a state to run.

Barrett believes our state government should be out of the business of immigration bias and should encourage all Coloradans who are already here, paying taxes, and abiding by the law to thrive in our state. Whether it's obtaining a driver's license and car insurance, attending college, reporting a crime, or buying a house... it's Colorado's job to make everyone feel welcome and it's the job of Congress to determine a healthy immigration policy.

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Elections, Campaign Finance Reform, and Citizens United

Barrett would like to streamline Colorado’s campaign finance laws to allow voters, candidates, and community groups easier access to the political process. In particular Barrett would like to help change the major party dominance of politics by allowing easier ballot access for unaffiliated candidates and ranked choice voting.

  • Resist efforts to suppress vote, dis-enroll voters, or require voter identification

  • Support same day voter registration and/or automatic registration

  • Support resolutions to reverse Citizens United at the Federal-level

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Energy, Environment, and Water

As a second-generation Eagle Scout, Barrett was fortunate enough to grow up with an appreciation for Colorado's natural environment and is dedicated to protecting that environment for future generations.

  • Barrett is extremely worried about future water policy

    • Support gray-water reclamation programs

    • Support use-reduction and conservation programs

    • Support environmentally conscious, effective storage expansion

  • Barrett believes climate change is an existential threat to Colorado

    • Extremely worried that reduced snow packs will devastate Colorado’s tourism industry

    • Supportive of Colorado complying with international climate agreements (Paris Agreement)

    • Defender of air and water quality programs for overall health outcomes

    • Supportive of appropriate pollution regulation for coal, mining, and oil & gas industry to safeguard health and environment

  • Barrett is supportive of continued investment in solar, wind, and electric vehicle programs

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Family Planning

As a proud father, Barrett knows that family is the greatest bond we have and the bedrock of our communities. He is committed to fostering an environment in which families can thrive. 

  • Pro-choice defender of women’s right to privacy in deciding their own health care choices throughout pregnancy

  • Support requiring contraceptive cost coverage in health insurance plans

    • Would allow religious exemption for explicitly religious organizations (i.e. churches but not Hobby Lobby)

  • Support paid parental leave for birth and adoption

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Civil Rights, Police Relations, and Private Prisons

Barrett is thankful for our law enforcement community and doing all he can to protect them by passing a Red Flag Law. The men and women that go into law enforcement expect to be held to high standards of conduct and in Colorado they rise to the challenge. We can do more to protect law enforcement and our communities while addressing some of the systemic problems our law enforcement officers face every day; we can require body cameras, promote conflict de-escalation training, and foster an environment where communities of every color work with police to create better neighborhoods.

Barrett was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to teach public speaking at the University of Northern Colorado, and while there he helped teach students how to exercise their right to protest. He is a card-carrying member of the ACLU and proud to defend the U.S. Constitution from any threat.

Using private prisons in our criminal punishment creates a profit motive for imprisoning people, that is why Barrett is unequivocally against the use of private prisons in our corrections systems.

  • Support right to peacefully protest for all Coloradans

  • Barrett is a card-carrying member of the ACLU

  • Barrett is unequivocally against the use of private prisons and supports Colorado barring use of private prisons

  • Support universal police body camera coverage

  • Barrett has proposed independent prosecutors for use-of-force cases

    • Creating independence from district attorney’s and unbiased outcomes for law enforcement community in use-of-force cases

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Barrett is a proud ally of the LGBTQ+ community, in particular he feels that government should not attempt to dictate the definition of love and family or spend taxpayer money arguing about public restrooms and wedding cakes.

  • Barrett is supportive of the LGBTQ community and will defend and fight for their right to equality and respect

  • Against bathroom (and other) requirements that discriminate against transgender individuals; moreover when states pass those laws major companies withdraw investment in those states, killing job creation

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Our public employees get chided as a bloated bureaucracy by some but they are the same people processing your hunting license and maintaining our state parks, providing workforce training to move people from welfare to the job market, and working through the night to respond to sinkholes on our highways so we can get to work the next day.

Public employees are our police and firefighters, our teachers, and even our elected officials from both sides of the aisle... the jobs they do are usually not glamorous and their pay has not kept up with inflation let alone recognized their hard work. Colorado owes it to them to fund the pension we promised. If we're going to throw stones at the people that keep our beautiful state running, the least we can do is not by hypocrites about it.

  • Support PERA funding to fulfill promises made to our public workforce (including teachers, first responders, and more)

  • Against converting PERA to non-pension model in general, and vehemently against converting without significantly funding current obligations

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Partisan Politics & The Democratic Party

Barrett wants to be an example for change in the Democratic Party. Instead of in-fighting about progressive vs. establishment identity, he thinks Democrats should be the "big tent" party that finds a place for diverse opinion.

Democrats talk about fighting income inequality and creating jobs, but are reluctant to develop inroads with the business community that will hire the people we want to help. Barrett is a proud member of the Highlands Ranch Chamber of Commerce and a small-business owner, and will use that experience to represent the engine of Colorado's economy: entrepreneurship and small-business.

While serving in the legislature Barrett will commit to thoughtful debate and civility between Democrats and Republicans, too many politicians are more interested in scoring points over working for their constituents but Barrett has pledged to hold townhalls to keep him accountable and working for you.

Finally, Barrett sees the damage that partisan politics is doing to our country. He thinks the solution includes aggressive campaign finance reform along with ranked choice voting and easier ballot access for independent candidates. When we raise expectations for our elected officials we all win, regardless of party affiliation. That's the kind of leader Barrett wants to be in the legislature.

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