The Colorado Promise: 

Debt-Free Community College & Career Training


Families in Highlands Ranch are weighed down by the burden of college debt in staggering numbers. Whether you're starting a family or saving for your own child's future, the cost of tuition is rising and the pathway to the middle class is obstructed for too many.

To combat the same problem, Tennessee and Rhode Island have started successful programs that allow students to attend the community college or career training program of their choice without the prospect of an overwhelming financial burden and with the education necessary to attain a good-paying job at the end of their studies.

I want to bring that kind of thinking to Colorado.

We can provide the same promise to our own students and families without raising taxes, because the cost of these programs is incurred only after a student receives all other financial assistance. Meaning we can fill the middle class jobs Colorado has already created for pennies on the dollar of other job creation programs.

Click here for a more detailed look at my plan to help students and jobs thrive in Colorado.