Extreme Risk Protection Orders (HB18-1436)

Hello - 

I’m coming to you with an urgent request to support HB18-1436 which will create an extreme risk protection order system in Colorado. This “Red Flag” law will give our law enforcement community the tools they need to intervene when those suffering from severe mental health episodes are deemed, by a court, to be too dangerous to possess a firearm. Their firearms would then be temporarily held by local law enforcement until the person has received appropriate care. 

This bipartisan bill is called the Deputy Zackari Parrish Violence Prevention Act in honor of the Douglas County sheriff’s deputy who was killed in the line of duty only four short months ago.

I want to thank Sheriff Tony Spurlock and Representatives Alec Garnett and Cole Wist for their leadership in bringing this bill to the legislature this session. Their courage and hard work is deeply appreciated by all Coloradans, but particularly by those of us who were protected and served by Deputy Parrish. 

Please call Representative Kevin Van Winkle at (303)866-2936 and demand he vote yes on HB18-1436.


-Barrett Rothe

Barrett Rothe