Endorsement: Dave Young for Treasurer

I’m writing today to offer my endorsement of Dave Young for Colorado Treasurer. Even though I’m just one of sixty-five Democratic candidates for the state House and my endorsement is not a highly-coveted prize, I feel compelled to support Dave’s candidacy and make the case for his qualifications to serve as our next treasurer.

First let me say that I have met and reviewed both Democratic candidates for treasurer, but Dave may have won me over before I met either of them because on his website you’ll see he places reforming and addressing TABOR front-and-center in his platform. When I saw that I said to myself, “Well I have to make sure I meet Dave Young and get his take on TABOR.” When I got that opportunity I found a smart, thoughtful, and pragmatic leader that understands TABOR’s worst elements and political realities; in Dave I am confident we will have a treasurer that wants to invest in Colorado’s education, infrastructure, and health care while maintaining the fiscal moderation and local control we prize in the West.

Progress can be made and Dave is the person to make it happen, but let me say this about my support of his candidacy: if you run for treasurer of Colorado without putting TABOR at the top of your platform it would be like running for President of Wells Fargo by saying you’re going to fix the menu on your ATMs. Such a platform would miss the mark. Precisely where our state money is kept, how we might account for this expense or that, and critiques of national party politics are interesting topics but not really the pressing issue at hand for the Colorado Treasurer... TABOR is.. and Dave is in the vanguard, leading on the issues.

Dave has been leading in the legislature for years. If you don’t happen to relish the minutiae of the state legislature, like I do, you may inadvertently underestimate part of Dave’s service in the House. It’s not your fault, there’s a lot going on, but Dave has served on the Joint Budget Committee (JBC) which is the center of fiscal power in the legislature. His service representing Weld County and progressive values on the JBC is, in my opinion, perhaps the best available preparation to serve as Colorado Treasurer. It’s a qualification Dave alone brings to the table and I can’t stress enough the importance of having a treasurer that knows how to work with legislative leaders to get things done.

Next I want to talk about Dave himself. Along with just an amiable character, he represents a place near and dear to my heart: Greeley, Colorado. I had the experience of a lifetime attending the University of Northern Colorado in Greeley and I have a great deal of admiration for Dave’s ability to bring together a community that blends rural and suburban, agriculture and higher education, small-business and global companies. Dave, as the lone elected Democrat in Weld County, could not be better suited to represent a state as diverse as ours and do so - as needed - from the foxhole of progressive values. We need someone who can win allies and fight... that’s leadership, that's Dave Young. 

If all of that was not enough consider this: Dave is a member of PERA. He obtained his PERA membership by virtue of his career as a public school teacher. No verbose explanation from me on this front: I want someone who can ably represent educators and PERA members in the treasurer’s office as we move forward on addressing PERA’s future.

Cast your vote for Dave Young in the June primary and go to his website to learn more.


Barrett Rothe
Candidate for House District 43

Barrett Rothe