The nominee for Highlands Ranch!

On Saturday, March 24th I was really, truly honored to win the support of my community and the grassroots of the Democratic Party in Highlands Ranch. I’m proud to be the nominee for our State House seat and it’s a privilege to fight for our district. This seat doesn’t belong to one party or one person, it belongs to all of us, and we’re here to stand up for it.

I want to thank all the delegates that took the time to help shape the party, our platform, and choose candidates for 2018. I am acutely aware that the delegate vote for me was not unanimous, and I'd like to thank Tom Horiagon for raising the level of the debate on gun safety issues in our community and for his immediate endorsement of my candidacy for House District 43.

It was a long but energizing day and we saw our party coming together stronger than we were yesterday. We've got a long, hard fight ahead of us but tomorrow can't come soon enough for me!



Barrett Rothe
Candidate for House District 43


Barrett Rothe