Townhall and Accessibility Pledge

Today I’m pledging to my district to always stay accessible and accountable during my campaign and while serving in the Colorado House of Representatives. To honor that pledge I want to detail exactly how I plan to communicate with and serve the constituents of Highlands Ranch.

To start you can always reach me directly at (720) 263-2301 and, both go directly to the smartphone that’s rarely more than six feet from my person. I do my level best to respond to everyone who reaches out and I make time to meet when you ask; I can’t always get scheduled immediately but part of why I’m running is that I genuinely like engaging with people and their concerns, passions, and ideas.

Next, I will commit to holding 11 townhall forums per year while serving in the legislature to provide updates about work at the Capitol, answer your questions, and hold myself accountable to my constituents. The only month I won’t schedule is December, and only because schedules and interest are pretty lean from Thanksgiving to New Year’s. We’re only human! I’ll work to hold these townhalls on different days of the week and rotating locations to help make them accessible to everyone.

Finally, I want to propose something legislators don’t usually do: local office hours. I will schedule and announce times I’ll be available for appointments at public locations throughout the district. I want to make time for people one-on-one and you shouldn’t have to always come to the Capitol when I’m fortunate enough to live right here in Highlands Ranch. I want to be upfront though: office hours while the legislature is in session will be tough to implement but I will strive to do much more than you’re accustomed to.

My commitment is to represent everyone in Highlands Ranch, not just the people who vote for me. To do that I have to be available and accountable to you.

Best -


Barrett Rothe
Candidate for House District 43

Barrett Rothe