Message from Barrett

Hello and welcome to the campaign for House District 43!


My name is Barrett Rothe and I'm running to represent you in the House of Representatives of Colorado's state legislature. It's going to be a long road from here to election day on November so I wanted to take the time and say thank you for your interest in the campaign. You can contact me with any questions or comments, the quickest way to hear from me is to send an e-mail to

A formal announcement of the campaign is coming in the next few days, but for now take a look at the map below to see the district and where we'll be taking the debate in 2018!

In the meantime, you can rest assured that this campaign is dedicated to building a better, stronger Colorado by looking forward and solving real problems for our citizens. We'll be going in-depth on our policy positions and hope to prove to you that elected officials can be thoughtful and productive instead of grandstanding and partisan.

Connect with us on social media and come back here for more news and content.

I'm really looking forward to fighting for Highlands Ranch and the future of Colorado. I hope you'll join me and I anxiously await the rest of the campaign.

Best wishes,


Barrett Rothe