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Barrett Rothe is running for House District 43 and is dedicated to making sure our legislature works with integrity for all of Colorado. House District 43 encompasses most of Highlands Ranch in Douglas County. Click here for a map of the district.

Highlands Ranch is a community of hard-working Coloradans and it deserves more from its elected officials. Barrett is dedicated to being an accessible member of the legislature and has pledged to hold monthly townhall meetings to engage with constituents once elected.

Barrett knows this district wants a representative who will fight for jobs and economic growth, not cater to special interest groups; a representative that puts quality education and children's safety ahead of national politics, and someone who will listen to them and work for a better future. Every candidate preaches those goals, but Barrett is laying a foundation to deliver results.


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A better future for Colorado.

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The Idea: Every student in Colorado deserves a world-class education that prepares them to enter the workforce or the college classroom. Our public universities and community colleges should receive the support they need and all Coloradans should be able to graduate without crippling student loan debt.

The Policy: We need to work with our higher education institutions to prioritize spending with students in mind and cap tuition increases; we must assist working families with staggering child care costs; and we will end the norm of graduating from college buried in debt.

The Promise: Barrett will fight to make sure early childhood to higher education programs get the funding they deserve and work to reverse the skyrocketing increases in college tuition that are leaving Coloradan's in a lifetime of debt. He will also sponsor legislation to expand apprenticeship, community college, and jobs training programs for those who want to enter the workforce instead of going to a 4-year university.



The Idea: Tired of traffic? Investing in our infrastructure and movement of people grows our economy, creates jobs, and keeps Colorado competitive in the marketplace. If we work on these issues intelligently we can help meet our environmental goals while we lay the foundation for a stronger economy. 

The Policy: Colorado's legislature must take responsibility for passing a referendum, with bipartisan support, asking voters to approve funding for urban and rural infrastructure projects. The legislature has come painfully close to such a proposal in the past only to fail over political squabbling. 

The Promise: Barrett will seek an infrastructure bill that addresses the urgent needs of all Coloradans, from the eastern plains to Grand Junction and everywhere in between. 

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Changing our elections

The Idea: Coloradans must change the way we finance our campaigns to remove the corrosive influence of special interest money and restore our trust in government.

The Policy: We need to overturn the Citizens United decision that has allowed deep pockets to buy elections on both sides of the aisle; we need to reign in campaign spending limits and continue to ensure all American's have their right to vote protected.

The Promise: First, Barrett will sponsor a resolution in the legislature for Colorado to join other states in calling for a constitutional convention; this process will allow the American people to bypass Congress in closing the Citizens United loophole. Next, Barrett will sponsor a bipartisan commission to make recommendations for amending Colorado's campaign finance and oversight laws. 

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